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Confessions of a Neurotic Single Mom by Homemade
April 2008
1Flushin' is High Dollar Around These Parts
2April is National Autism Awareness Month
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6Spring Sunday
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13Misery/ Boys and Hairy Legs
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21Big Time SUCKAGE
24Barking - Bitch'in Kinna Day
28Teenagers Gone Wild
29Sleep, Sleep, Sleep
30Just Another Day....

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April 23, 2008


I'm at work. Lovely.

Boy oh boy, I'm fucking tired. When I go home at 630am, I'll be surprized if i make it in one peice.

I worked last night till 4am. Got home around 420-ish. Crawled in bed, just got to sleep and its 6am already. I woke Dave up, asking him to please get J ready, and i crawl back in bed. Dave comes in around 730am and tells me to get up. I got a doctors appointment.

So, Im laying there, dozing, in and out. N comes in the room, tears running, and he's limping. He puts his little foot up there, and says it hurts BAD. I ask him what happened. He says J accidently stepped on his foot. I gave him some motrin, i felt bad because he couldnt even put his shoes on, i had to dig out a pair of J's sandles, for him to wear.

frick. bbl


Anyway, here i am, forced to leave the house because Dave and my children don't know how to act. Here i am, sitting at a burger king, suckin up the free wi-fi, trying to stay awake, because god forbid i lay down for 5 minutes.

I get home about 650am, and Dave is JUST getting up, J isn't dressed, fed, NOTHING. His bus comes at 7:05am. So, of course, i have to make his breakfast, get his pills out, and practically do it all myself, or he would of never went to school today.

Then i go and lay down, tried for a half hour to get Dee out of the bed. FINALLY, a little after 7:30 she gets up and leaves the room. 7:45 rolls around and no one is dressed and kids are screaming in my face. I got to pissed i threw my cell phone across the room and smashed into 2 peices. FUCK IT, i dont care. I'm so fucking tired i cant think straight. So, i packed my laptop up, and left, im not going back till i know that fucking asshole is gone.

Anyway, back to N. Yeah, his toe is broken, im pretty sure. I taped it up again this morning before he went to school. I know taking him to the ER would of been a waste of time, they would of taped it up too. I swear this has been a rough year for us and our bones.

As for me, i went to the doctors yesterday, and he told me he can still see the fracture clearly on the xray still, 6 FUCKING weeks later. He said its healing slowly. No shit doc. He sent me up to this place to get this "sleeve", i have to wear it for a month, and then go back and see him, AGAIN. I'm just fed up with the whole situation. How much longer???

This sleeve is the same exact thing as the cast, only more comfy. Its easy on, easy off thank goodness.

Did you see that Hilary won the state of PENNSLYVANIA? I hope she wins over obama. But, i think in the end, when the election is over, McCain will have it. This country, being a sexist, racist sespool, will never have a black president or a female president. If it does happen, i will gladly eat my words.

bahh, dont know what else to write, maybe more later.
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