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Confessions of a Neurotic Single Mom by Homemade
April 2008
1Flushin' is High Dollar Around These Parts
2April is National Autism Awareness Month
4Random Chatter
6Spring Sunday
8 Is He Worth That Much?
11Good Mornin'/Afternoon Junk
13Misery/ Boys and Hairy Legs
15Who Needs Credit Anyway??
19Sums It All Up
20Speedy Sunday
21Big Time SUCKAGE
24Barking - Bitch'in Kinna Day
28Teenagers Gone Wild
29Sleep, Sleep, Sleep
30Just Another Day....

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Barking - Bitch'in Kinna Day
April 24, 2008


I dont know what pisses me off more, a big asshole dog barking its head off in my neigbhors yard, or that neigbhor hearing his asshole dog barking and not doing anything about it.

Its springtime, I got the windows open, I hear the birds chirping, I heard the peepers the other night, and NOW i have to listen to this dog bark, whom, by the way, is bigger then my middle child. How the FUCK do people let their dogs bark like that and NOT do anything about it? Bring it IN the house, stop making it a nuisance to the neighborhood. The other day, i was in my room, trying to lay down and rest because i had to work midnight, they had that fucking dog tied up, at the corner of their house, and the asshole was mowing the grass, he's yelling at the door to MOVE. Dog is barking his head off. Morons. I cannot be the only person pissed about that dog barking.

This is why i hate BIG dogs. I think they are a waste of time, effort, specially when the owner lets them run wild and bark nonstop. I am a cat person. They don't bark, they dont shit all over your yard. I keep my cats inside, they are nutuered, they are NOT a nuisance to anyone. Can i get the same respect from them??

Ok, there's my rant for the week.

N's toe is still broken. I've been keeping it wrapped tight to his other toe. He's able to walk and play, thankfully. He told me this one kid in his class told him it wasn't broken. I asked N how does this kid know, has he seem a xray?? N says "No, Mom. If it was broken, he said I wouldn't be able to walk." Oh ok. lol I love KID logic. Poor N, this family has had a bad year for broken bones.

Smokey and Ranger are playing racetrack through the house, Smokey tail is big and THICK. lol

Work called and left a message on my voice mail, since my phone is in 2 peices. Asking if i'll work this weekend in maternity. I told the teamleader, ill work but not that station. He said he'd call me back. FUCK THAT, I'm not working maternity. I hate that floor, i hate the nurses there. I'm NOT obligated to work the weekends anymore.

For the past week I've been so sick in the evenings, cant eat, cant drink, feels like i have to throw up and it lasts till i go to bed. The only good point is, im not eating dinner, which means i should lose a few pounds, and another good thing is my sugar isnt low when this nausea comes on. Double Bonus. But, i have no idea whats causing it. Bah. Who knows. I hope it lasts, anything that makes me not eat is a good thing.

FUCKING dog. I'm off to blast the radio and maybe get some painting done.



Dave borrowed a riding lawn mower, and decided today would be a wonderful, fantastic day to mow the yard. I'm EXCITED because, i believe we are the only people on the entire street who hasn't mowed their lawn.

Cool. So, He starts it up and gets going. Ten minutes later, I can hear it still running, but i hear him scream "Fuckin' MOTHER FUCKING PEICE OF SHIT" Nice. Louder, Asshole no one has heard you 10 blocks up. He pushes it out of the ditch and moves on. Makes a run around the front yard, and passes in front of the front window, and BLAM, CRASH, SMASH! A rock hits one of the panes and breaks the window. Ranger was sitting in the window, he jumped and scattered. FUCKING Nice. Yanno, if we didnt have bad luck, we wouldnt have any luck at all.

Not to mention that when i left a little bit ago to pick up a prescription for N that gas is NOW up to $3.69. Absolute BULLSHIT. AgitatedAgitatedAgitatedAgitated

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