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Confessions of a Neurotic Single Mom by Homemade
April 2008
1Flushin' is High Dollar Around These Parts
2April is National Autism Awareness Month
4Random Chatter
6Spring Sunday
8 Is He Worth That Much?
11Good Mornin'/Afternoon Junk
13Misery/ Boys and Hairy Legs
15Who Needs Credit Anyway??
19Sums It All Up
20Speedy Sunday
21Big Time SUCKAGE
24Barking - Bitch'in Kinna Day
28Teenagers Gone Wild
29Sleep, Sleep, Sleep
30Just Another Day....

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Teenagers Gone Wild
April 28, 2008


After reading a few journals over the weekend, I'm leaning toward the weekend being a "Kids Gone Wild" weekend for everyone.

My son, J, who's 13 and autistic, decided to spread his wings without telling his over-protective mom.

Yesterday was a cool day, but nice. N and Dee were in and out most of the morning and into the afternoon. J just hung out in front of his pc, doing his thing.

N and Dee came to me about 2:30 and asked if they could go down to a friends house, which is 3 blocks down, i told them it was ok, just go, be back around 4-4:30. Half hour later, here comes J, with camera in hand, asking me if he could go down with N and Dee. I said sure. NEVER thinking for one minute he'd be going anywhere else.

N and Dee come back a few minutes past 4:30, and i wait, and wait, where the FUCK is J? So, i give him till 5pm, and ask N where is J?? He doesn't know, he hasnt saw him since they went to their friends house.... at 2:30. WHAT??

I tell them BOTH to go and find J, he's probably down around the cultasac on the next street over. The get on their bikes, and head down the street, here comes J. Thank goodness, there he is. I ask him where he was, he tells me he's been at XXXXX's house. Ok. Good. They are all home.

We eat dinner, Dave gathers up N and Dee and they go up to the school to shoot some hoops, meanwhile, i finish up the dishes and just chill in front of the laptop till they get home.

Half hour after they are home, N comes running into the kitchen saying that J did something bad. He said J was writing on his computer what he did this afternoon. I said what? He said J went down to the train track with the bridge, the one we always take him, thats about 4 miles from here, where you have to hit the main road to get it, thats isolated, where im scared to go by myself with the kids. My 13year old took it upon himself, to get on his bike, with camera in hand and leave without asking. c

I was so mad i was shaking. Don't hit him Lori, DONT! I put him on the couch, took his camera away, yelled and yelled. Don't you get that you could of gotten hit by a car? Don't you get that someone could of thrown you in the river and you could of drown? Don't you get that someone could of killed you???? Don't you get that you lied to my FACE and left here knowing what you did was WRONG???

Nope, he doesn't get ANYTHING besides that he was PISSED N told on him and got him into a ton of hot water. He's so grounded for 3 weeks, no bike, no camera, no computer, NOTHING!!! I told him to get his ass in the shower, because he was going to bed. He goes in the bathroom, slams the door, and i hear him in there cursing, saying "I fucking HATE N, he got me in trouble" Dave went in and yelled at him, but he continued. He doesn't get the magnitude of what he did.

I'm scared now. What more is this child up to, or going to do thats going to put himself into harms way??? I thought J and I had this understanding, where he would and could tell me anything, I'd understand, I'd listen without getting upset, although their could be consequences, and then he blantenly does something like this without telling me.

Im so not ready for a teenager, autistic, or NOT.


Today is Dave's birthday. 34. Happy Birthday Dave, I know your reading this sometime today.

I'm making him a big pan of Lazagna, some garlic toast, maybe a salad, cake if i got the money. Yikes. I'm so broke i cant afford to pay attention.

Time to get in the shower and get my pennies counted, and get to walmart.

I knew THERE was something i forgot to write about.

My sister, who i haven't had any contact with, contacted J over the weekend on myspace. She says hi and you can email me everyday if you want at my email address...blah blah blah.

Aint that some shit??

Do you think she's tired of being away from her family?

Of Course, J has probably 2 thousand pictures of us on his myspace, she'll get a eye full.

Of course she's a friend on my mom's list. So, yanno, i tried signing into mom's space, and she changed her password. Hmmm. So, how long has mom been in contact with her, and not said a word to me?? Really does explain things, and how i she got my address, mom probably gave it to her over myspace. Oh yes, things are becoming more clearer.

I really don't care, either way, but why keep it a secret??

I've decided I'm not saying a word to Mom, I'm going to let her bring it up, see how long it takes her to say something.

AT any rate, she added J to her myspace. I'm sitting back, waiting to see how long it takes her to add Dee and N, and maybe me. I'm not sure if im able to give her a inch, not after this time, its hard. She KNOWS deep down that she's with a piece of shit, THATS why she's stayed away.

We'll see how it goes.
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