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Confessions of a Neurotic Single Mom by Homemade
August 2008
1F*ck You, Cindy!!!!/The Boys/Small Talk
4Running Scared
5Nurses With Big Asses
6Hi, My Name is..../ Minus 1
7Land Contract
8Thunder Rolls
9Cant Think of a Title Today
10Guilt Trip
11Random Stuff/bullshit
12The Way It Will Be
13Another Blank Title
14120 Days
15Sky Blast
17Going Private Again
18High Flyin'
20Broken Bones, Part 2
21No motivation
22A JenBee Kinna Day
23Saturday, no excitement
24Code Purple
25First Day of School
26Control Freak, Extraordinaire
27Making Progress
28Who Works on Thursdays Anyways???
29Baby Come Back!/ 20 cents of nonsense
31Picnic in Erie

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F*ck You, Cindy!!!!/The Boys/Small Talk
August 1, 2008

Another... Not a good day.

The way things are going - We aren't going to get Sophie. Too much shit to even write about, I'm beyond pissed off, Dave is being a ass about it all, so FUCK it.


I send this MORON up to the bank. I told him this: Stop at the gas station, take out $20 dollars from my checking and THEN go to the bank, stick $15 of it in my savings so the rent will be paid in full. THIS stupid man goes over there, gets a phone call, only puts $9 in the atm, and then drives away without my card..

So, he comes home ranting and raving i have to go up to the bank. I wanted to punch him in the face. If this was me id be dogshit. So i just call the bank and explain to Cindy what happened, and she says "What names on the card" I say my last name, she says "Noooo, whats the name on the card" Hu? I say the bank name, she says Nooooooooooooo AGAIN... WHAT NAME IS ON THE CARD. I hung up on the snoty ass bitch. I'm going to have my mom call there and tell the fucking bitch off. I'm not stupid, I told you what name is on the card, all you had to do was look, fucking cunt.

On top of that the boys are acting like @#$%$%^'ers.


I'm calm.


The boys have settled down, only because they were denied breakfast at Mcdonalds because they wouldnt stop swearing in the van, AND when we got home, I took the computer off them both for the entire day and made them sit on the couch withOUT tv for a hour. Noah found out really fast that Mom isn't playing today, he's nice and quiet and has been playing outside ever since.

I got the issue cleared up at the bank, thanks to Mom. She called and straightened it out. I can pick up my card whenever, and we are only overdrawn .17, so Dave can stop and put that in sometime today. Whewww, the rent is paid another month. Cindy told Manager that she couldnt hear me thats why she kept repeating herself, Bullshit. Whatever. I aint dealing with her.

I guess now things are up in the air with Sophie. I guess Value has stuck its nose in with her too. Lauren (CYS) told Dave a bunch of stuff this morning about Sophie, stuff like, CYS has been involved since she was born, them going to the house and she be dirty and smelly, the house a wreck, to Sophie trying to smother her baby sister when she was 3 years old, and then she supposedly tried drowning her baby sitter in the bathtub when she was 5. To Me, this all sounds like a cry for help, why isnt she getting it? Just recently while staying with her Aunt, i guess they found a knife in the bathroom med cabinet and Sophie told them she wanted to kill them in their sleep. Lauren told Dave NOW that she thinks maybe Sophie should stay where she is for a little bit, she talked to her supervisor and she agrees. I dunno. What do you do? Dave just wants to back off now, he's scared. He doesn't want her to come up here and hurt these kids, and I agree, BUT you cant give up on her, NOT after telling her you wouldnt.

Its all a mess right now.


I haven't posted any pictures of the boys lately.

Ranger in all his fatness


The boys enjoying the open window


I'm tired, I gotta work tonight. I took a shower earlier this afternoon. Big MISTAKE. Coz, I'm sweating like a freaking farm animal. I have to get in again. This time i will pull up my hair.

When I get off work in the morning I'm going to go over and pick mom up, yeah, she's not happy about the time, but, she's going to help me do the kitchen, laundry room, and bathroom, top to bottom. We are going to paint the laundry room. We want this place spotless when CYS comes Wednesday, even if we don't get her, our place will be spotless.

ITs been a long, boring day. The boys keep asking me for the computer. lol I've been strong, not giving in. YaY!

Alright, I hate making small talk, so im going to go get in the shower and hose off.

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