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Confessions of a Neurotic Single Mom by Homemade
August 2008
1F*ck You, Cindy!!!!/The Boys/Small Talk
4Running Scared
5Nurses With Big Asses
6Hi, My Name is..../ Minus 1
7Land Contract
8Thunder Rolls
9Cant Think of a Title Today
10Guilt Trip
11Random Stuff/bullshit
12The Way It Will Be
13Another Blank Title
14120 Days
15Sky Blast
17Going Private Again
18High Flyin'
20Broken Bones, Part 2
21No motivation
22A JenBee Kinna Day
23Saturday, no excitement
24Code Purple
25First Day of School
26Control Freak, Extraordinaire
27Making Progress
28Who Works on Thursdays Anyways???
29Baby Come Back!/ 20 cents of nonsense
31Picnic in Erie

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Control Freak, Extraordinaire
August 26, 2008


I'm going to pull this off private till later, i will put it back when he gets home.

Busy day already.

Up at 6am now, that sucks. Got the place picked up, beds made, and the kids kicked out the door. Made some breakfast for fuckhead and me, and then ran to walmart to get a few groceries. I was there and back by 10:30. Dave didn't do anything I asked him, didn't take out the garbage and I went into the laundry room and saw he pulled all the clean clothes out of the dryer onto the floor and didn't even pick them back up. I called him bitching, and he tells me to call him later, and hangs up. Fucker.

I get all my groceries put away, garbage out. I bathed Smokey coz he's got fleas. That pisses me off. I came away with nooooooooooooooooooo scratches! YaY! I love him. He's the man. I have to go back to walmart and get Noah some book covers and binders. He has a appointment thursday to see his doctor for shots... and friday to see the bone doctor about his broken collar bone.

He didn't have a great day yesterday. He said he doesn't like that he has to run all over the school to change classes. He couldn't get his locker open, and then he missed the bus home. I'm not sure how he did it, but he go on a bus and they dropped him off a block down. I told him if he misses the bus today to walk home, it wont kill him. Friday I'm getting him a tracfone so he can call me if he misses the bus. Dollar General has them on sell for $10.

I took him to the doctor yesterday for his meds. I was my usual self, told him what was going on, and at the end of the appointment, he says to Noah, "I'm going to ask you a strange question..." and he looks at me and says..."Is your Mom always in this much control?" Noah shrugged his shoulder and I admitted to him that I was a control freak. I am. I have to have control of my children, my life, any situation that I'm involved in. I hate to be embarassed, I want things my way if possible. Thats just ME. I told him I was raised that way, my father is the same exact way. It blew my mind that through the visits I've had with him for only Noah, and only about Noah, that he picked up on that, this man is a fucking awesome doctor. Walking out of there, I knew that my child seeing him has been a awesome choice. I trust him with my child.

Alright, i need to get to walmart before my high school kid gets home. Maybe more later.


He will be home soon. Yuck. He's been awful nice lately. Its most likely because he needs my help when it comes to his daughter. Hmmph. Tomorrow we got a meeting where she is to discuss her discharge planning. It should be fun.

Dinner is cooking. I have been cooking alot lately. The kids just haven't been wanting to go anywhere, which, it does benefit us, we spend less money. Tonight I'm making homemade fries and sloppy joes.

When I got up this morning it was so cold in here i had to put the furnace on to take the chill off. Cant fucking believe how chilly this August has been. It got down to 49 last night. Unfuckingbelieveable. I hope this isn't a sign of a early winter. That would suck.

I took the kids to the park for a hour and their old wraparounds where there. It was kinda ackward with Noah's but Dee's, she's always happy to see us, and chat. She still calls and texts me.

Well, I'm going to post this and then take it private again because he'll be home soon. It was nice to have it up.

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