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Confessions of a Neurotic Single Mom by Homemade
August 2008
1F*ck You, Cindy!!!!/The Boys/Small Talk
4Running Scared
5Nurses With Big Asses
6Hi, My Name is..../ Minus 1
7Land Contract
8Thunder Rolls
9Cant Think of a Title Today
10Guilt Trip
11Random Stuff/bullshit
12The Way It Will Be
13Another Blank Title
14120 Days
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17Going Private Again
18High Flyin'
20Broken Bones, Part 2
21No motivation
22A JenBee Kinna Day
23Saturday, no excitement
24Code Purple
25First Day of School
26Control Freak, Extraordinaire
27Making Progress
28Who Works on Thursdays Anyways???
29Baby Come Back!/ 20 cents of nonsense
31Picnic in Erie

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Making Progress
August 27, 2008


Early night for me last night. Dave totally pissed me off, so at 845pm, I crawled in bed and forgot everyone in this house. I got up to pee around midnight and he was still up.

I got up at 6am to get the boys up and he was up. He acted like nothing had happened, so I did too. Got the boys and Dee off to school, got my shower and we headed up to the meeting for Sophie.

I felt so ackward there. I'm basically nothing to her, besides having a "relationship" with Dave. Dave talked to the doctor about her meds, and she said she would look over everything and decide what to take her off off. In the end she is being taken off the lithium today, and they are going to drop down her dose of Clozapine too. They are going to keep her on the Depakote and Abilify. They all noticed how the lithium makes her shake and sleepy. Just looking at her, her eyes are droopy, she can barely keep them open.

Since today is her last day of orentation we asked if we could pick her up sunday and take her up to lake erie for a few hours. Dave said he talked to the director and she said that she'd have to ask CYS, since they are now her guardian, but she didn't think there would be a problem.

So we visited with her for 2 hours, before we had to leave, i did run into town and get lunch for us, which, she woofed down. I guess she told Dave that her step dad and aunt hit her all the time. We told her she will NEVER get hit here. While we were in the meeting, her mom and aunt where on speakerphone listening, and her mom was asked if there was any history of bipolar in the family and her mom said that she, herself sufferes from it, and that she's on meds for it too. The light came on in my head and in Daves. When we left, Dave told me she wasnt like that when he was with her. I explained, yanno, maybe she pulled a "Britney Spears"... she was fine till she had her kids and then she basically went nuts. That would explain the neglect, abuse, etc. This place doesn't even want Sophie talking to her mom unless its monitored. Her mom has no say in what happens to her. Dave tried getting some more information out of Sophie, but you could tell she was embarrassed about it. Dave asked the doctor about the Reactive attachment disorder and she told Dave she is going to look into that to see if there is anything behind it.

So, in the meantime we have to set up another family meeting, the first one with just dave and I and her, and then after that, the next one with the kids. They are shooting for her to be with us for Thanksgiving. Its a long haul, and I feel sorry for her because she's just so fed up with being in placement. I told Dave I'm going to buy her a journal, if they allow her to have it, so if she wants she can write down her thoughts and feelings or whatever. God knows i feel better when i let this stuff.

So anyways, thats where we are with her. Dave's mowing the grass, and once the kids get home we migght go somewhere to eat. Its going to rain soon, that damn Fay.
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