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Confessions of a Neurotic Single Mom by Homemade
August 2008
1F*ck You, Cindy!!!!/The Boys/Small Talk
4Running Scared
5Nurses With Big Asses
6Hi, My Name is..../ Minus 1
7Land Contract
8Thunder Rolls
9Cant Think of a Title Today
10Guilt Trip
11Random Stuff/bullshit
12The Way It Will Be
13Another Blank Title
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20Broken Bones, Part 2
21No motivation
22A JenBee Kinna Day
23Saturday, no excitement
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26Control Freak, Extraordinaire
27Making Progress
28Who Works on Thursdays Anyways???
29Baby Come Back!/ 20 cents of nonsense
31Picnic in Erie

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Who Works on Thursdays Anyways???
August 28, 2008


I just called off work. No perticular reason. I just don't want to work today. Most likey when I do go back, I will get my ass chewed out and possibly written up. Not to mention I really needed the money, I don't know what possessed me, I just don't want to go. *sigh*

Last night when we got home, Sophie called around 5pm to say that she was having that pain again in her side. Dave was told they were going to take her to the ER, because they had this problem with her before, she went to the doctors and they, i guess, didn't find anything. Well, by 9 we hadn't heard anything so Dave called there and left a message and they called back around midnight and say she has ovarian cysts. Not sure what they are going to do with them, Dave is still sleeping now, and thats all i got out of him when i crawled out of bed at 3am.

No sense in laying back down, coz, really, I'm not tired. I might surf for a while, and maybe make some coffee.


Well, work called back. He seemed ok with it, but its not him i have to worry about. Its CUNTWHORE. I haven't suffered her wrath in a while, and im sure it will be coming soon. I got my coffee made, i have to get the boys up in a few minutes.

Noah is already pulling his crap with the homework. Not bringing anything home. I know its only a few days in, but you cant tell me that he hasn't gotten ANY yet. I'm going to have to threaten him when he gets up.

I am soooooooooooooo PROUD of Dee. Ever since I moved my bed into the front room and give her her own room, she's been sleeping ALL NIGHT IN HER BED!! That is sooooo AWESOME!!!!! i think me working those midnights right after we put her in there helped her. She looks so damn cute.


She sleeps with her night light lamp on, which is FINE BY ME, anything to keep her in their is cool. Once in a while she'll have the TV on, which, there is a channel here that just shows advertisements, and it carries a local radio station that we listen to, so, its nothing she'd wanna watch, just something to make noise, country music, which she loves. My little baby, cant believe she's 10. I call her Sis, short for "sister" lol She said she loves it when i call her Sis, my mom even calls her by that name too. Once in a while, when we are playing around i call her in this cute voice, and i say "Yaneeeeyyyyyyyy" she LOVESSS that... lol Its funny.

Alright, time to get my men up. Noah has a appointment today to get his shots, that shall be fun.
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