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Confessions of a Neurotic Single Mom by Homemade
February 2011
1Broken Brakes/Fixed
2Slumlord/Its Always Something
3The Rock Cycle
6Note To Self... Wyatt Isn't MY Child
7Do Or Die Time/ My Old Friend
8I Passed!!
9Trashed and Hashed
12Toilet Paper
14I Got A Hero :P
21My Phone Smells Like Weed
24Throw Dave From The Train
25Winter, Oh How You Make Me....
26Boring/Home Sick
27I Hate Dayturn

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Slumlord/Its Always Something
February 2, 2011



This weather is sincerely getting on my FUCKING nerves!!!!!

As if the wind, snow, and sleet and the fridged temps weren't enough, the rain last night topped it off. I was getting ready for bed and walked into the kitchen and stepped into a puddle of water. Then i noticed the dripping sound. The gutters are so full of ice and snow that the rain was running off and coming in through the tops of the windows in my kitchen and bathroom. So at 11pm i call the landlord. He basicallly told me there was nothing he could do. Sure, he can say that because i just paid my rent, fucker. Dave was livid. He goes outside, in the rain, wind, gets up on a ladder and starts beating on the ice with a hammer. If the neigbhors didnt think we werent trash before, they do now. So we all we could do was lay down towels and blankets and pray nothing was floating when we got up. The landlord said he'd call thursday to see whats going on and find out if the water damaged anything of ours...

The kids had a 2 hour delay this morning. Which blew my mind since when we got up around 7am it was 42 out. I couldnt believe it. All the ice from last night was melted. We are under a wind advisory but thats it.

Dave and I spent about 2 hours today looking online for vans. We have a appointment at a dealership saturday to look at a '06 minivan. They want $8900 for it. My Dad and step mom bought a brand new van from this place back in '05 and said they are wonderful people to deal with so, gonna go over and look at it, take it for a test drive. Next week im taking my driver's test!!! Yay!!! I just hope i can pass it, coz i r dumb. lol i hate tests.

back later.



I'm totally hating my Dad right now. This van he gave me is nothing more then a peice of SHIT!!!

You gotta hear this.

I'm sitting on my little bench in front of my picture window, talking on the phone to my Mom about our van hunting, I gaze out the window to watch the snow, and my eyes run along my nice, newly fixed van... and i see it. I say WTF is that? That thing hanging down behind the back tire, Dave??? Oh, he says... its a broken shock, the guy that fixed the van said it was hanging there when we brought it up. Oh, so you forgot to mention this little fucking tid bit of info to me?? Fuckhead. Moron. So, having my mom on the phone, she says to go out and take a picture of it and send it to here (she's STILL in SC) and she will show it to Paul and he'll tell me if its ok to drive. Wonderful.

So, i go out, and of course i parked THAT side to close to the snow, so i have walk around the entire van to get to it, i lean down, down, down, and wouldnt you know it, fat girl rolls over on her back into the snow! Wet coat, wet pants, wet socks.. thankfully i didn't let go of my phone. I get up and try again. This is what i saw...


Nice, hu? Now even if you dont have any mechanical experience, you can tell its fucked up. My mom calls back... her joke is.. it looks like a horse dick. Nice. Totally not amused. Irked Paul said just to be careful till they come back... when i say... they have no comment. Wonderful. Just what the fuck i need.

So, I'm leaving soon in said van, and going to work. I still got 9 more days to go before i get any extra money to get it fixed, until then, i have a horses dick hanging out on the back of my van. Niccce.
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