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Confessions of a Neurotic Single Mom by Homemade
February 2011
1Broken Brakes/Fixed
2Slumlord/Its Always Something
3The Rock Cycle
6Note To Self... Wyatt Isn't MY Child
7Do Or Die Time/ My Old Friend
8I Passed!!
9Trashed and Hashed
12Toilet Paper
14I Got A Hero :P
21My Phone Smells Like Weed
24Throw Dave From The Train
25Winter, Oh How You Make Me....
26Boring/Home Sick
27I Hate Dayturn

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Trashed and Hashed
February 9, 2011


Watching Ghost Whisperer.

I've got a headache and its driving me nuts.

Work last night was awful. I don't even make it into the breakroom and one of the afternoon douchebags comes up to me in the hallway and says that WE - meaning midnight- have rooms to clean in Labor and Delivery. Umm, its only 10:10pm, your ass don't leave for another 20 minutes, why aren't you up there doing them?? The bed person comes down and hands me a list with 4 rooms on it, 3 in LDRP and one on the 3rd floor, and it was a double isolation. Fucking wonderful.

We clock and head to LDRP, we don't even make it to the elevator and a nurse from LDRP gets off with a mom and baby, going home, at 1030pm, and its -2 out. Fucking mind blowing how stupid people are. I ask the nurse, is this number 4? Oh no, its number 5. WONDERFUL I say, and all she can say is "sorry". Sorry my ass. On top of those 5, we had to do the double iso and another room on the second floor. It was 130am before we EVEN started our OWN work. I did what we called a "trash and hash" on my area. What more can you do when you get slammed and left with little time?? I told the teamleader about what happened, how afternoon was sitting on their ASSES from 10pm on.. he said he'd talked to Pigvomit and see what she wants to do. Whatever. Don't bitch at me when the complaints start coming in about the midnight areas not being as clean as they should be. AND i don't care if afternoon is mad at me, I'm sick of doing other people's work.

Dad called out of the blue a little bit ago. He told me to go buy the shocks for the van and he'd put them on over the weekend. I hung up scratching my head... Where did that come from? Dave said the same thing when i told him.

From saturday to yesterday, i only dropped almost a pound. Sad I know i need to be more realistic about how fast its going to come off, its just frustrating. Thinking about joining a gym that is a mile from the hospital, and even if the staff isn't here, your able to access the place 24 horus a day, it would be wonderful to hit it before and after work. I'm going to call and get some info because their website doesn't give you any prices.

Alright, I'm off to eat my salad and take my shower, get ready for work.

thanks to everyone for you comments in my forum about passing my test, I appreciate them! Smile

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