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Confessions of a Neurotic Single Mom by Homemade
February 2011
1Broken Brakes/Fixed
2Slumlord/Its Always Something
3The Rock Cycle
6Note To Self... Wyatt Isn't MY Child
7Do Or Die Time/ My Old Friend
8I Passed!!
9Trashed and Hashed
12Toilet Paper
14I Got A Hero :P
21My Phone Smells Like Weed
24Throw Dave From The Train
25Winter, Oh How You Make Me....
26Boring/Home Sick
27I Hate Dayturn

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February 15, 2011



Jumping for joy Jumping for joy

OMG i feel like such a nut!! lol But it feels good to drive without looking over my shoulder!!!

My step mom and Dave went with me. I drove around the square in town and found a space where i could parallel park, the first time i bombed, the next two times i did ok. As soon as i got into the driver's center i was wisked away to do the test.

I couldn't believe my luck. The guy I got was a heartbroken man who's wife left him. lol I just went with it too, Aww you poor thing!!! He bought it, and just kept talking and talking and talking. They were married 20 years, she came home one night and said she didn't love him anymore, and that they could live together she wasn't having sex with him. I'm ill TMI Dude, really. He went on about how he lost his $80,000 a year job and thats when it seemed like she wasn't in love with him no more... on and on.

I did do the parallel parking first, and as i was doing it i told him i felt like i was going to puke because i was nervous and he said look at me, and held out his hand and it was shaking as bad as i was! LMFAO!!!! I assured him that i had been driving for years, just without a licenses, (why lie? lol) and thats when he started talking... I've said it before and I'll say it again, i must have "TALK TO ME, IM A GOOD LISTENER" on my forehead. So, He passed me, and i haven't stopped smiling all day! I called my Dad and told him, and i sent Mom and Paul a picture of my temporary licenses, i texted Paul and told him i was coming for his pick-em up truck! lol (its a inside joke)We went out to lunch to celebrate.

I do feel like such a nut because i should of done this when i was sixteen and I really have no clue why i didnt, i just dont remember why. It has been such a obstacle for me, hanging over my head, i just made it out to be worse then it really was, it was just a speed bump compared to some of the crap I've had to do. So, there it is..

Hi, My name is Lori, I'm 36 and I just got my driver's licenses.

Been playing phone tag with the dealership about the van, she's trying to get me a lower rate, so she's been playing phone tag with the bank. Chase called me a little bit before 5pm to verify stuff and I haven't heard nothing since. Hopefully tomorrow it will be all taken care of so we can get the damn van.

Gonna goooooooooooooo chill for a bit in front of the tube for a bit, there isn't much else to do.

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