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Confessions of a Neurotic Single Mom by Homemade
February 2011
1Broken Brakes/Fixed
2Slumlord/Its Always Something
3The Rock Cycle
6Note To Self... Wyatt Isn't MY Child
7Do Or Die Time/ My Old Friend
8I Passed!!
9Trashed and Hashed
12Toilet Paper
14I Got A Hero :P
21My Phone Smells Like Weed
24Throw Dave From The Train
25Winter, Oh How You Make Me....
26Boring/Home Sick
27I Hate Dayturn

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February 18, 2011



Smokey will not STFU!!! Meowing and whining like a fricking horny toad.

The weather has been awesome the past couple of days, cool, breezy, in the 50s, which is t-shirt weather for us lol 99% of the snow is melted and gone. Unfortuately, tomorrow the cold will be back tomorrow.

I did find Noah's lost PSP. It was in front of the mailboxes, smashed into peices, inbeded into what was left of the snow. I feel a bit better knowing no one has it, an it was accident, he did drop it getting the mail for me. Not sure when or if it will even be relaced, im just happy no one has it.

Been busy, work has been busy too, geez. I had my yearly thing with Pigvomit, it wasn't bad, i got a whole .24 cent raise! Yay.. not. Not complaining, at least i have a job. We talked almost a hour over the LDRP situation, constantly being called, not being able to get our work done, the afternoon crew sitting on their asses when there is work to be done.. etc. She told me what i could do, and i relayed it to the other 2 i work with on midnight, and they were happy about it, so beware LDRP...

I got my new phone yesterday!! I'm loving it. I need to hook up with Dave (he's been working like a dog) so he can show me how to do some stuff on it.

I took Dee to get her shots/wellness visit yesterday, she had to get 3 shots. I felt so bad for her. I hate to see them have to go through this stuff. She was tough, she teared up a little, and her doctor hugged her and told her she did great. Today she's been complaining about her arms hurting.

Dave woke me up at 11am, i had to get my butt moving because i had to go to Triple A to get a copy of my driving record, which cost $20 FUCKING bucks.. are you kidding me?? He had to fax it to the insurance lady and then she was going to met him around 3pm to get everything done and paid for so the van is insured when we *fingers crossed* pick it up tomorrow. So, i did a bunch of running around, i need a nap, i work tonight.

Mom will be over in a bit to pick up some money we owe Paul for working on our van last year.

Gonna nap till the boys get home.

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