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Confessions of a Neurotic Single Mom by Homemade
February 2011
1Broken Brakes/Fixed
2Slumlord/Its Always Something
3The Rock Cycle
6Note To Self... Wyatt Isn't MY Child
7Do Or Die Time/ My Old Friend
8I Passed!!
9Trashed and Hashed
12Toilet Paper
14I Got A Hero :P
21My Phone Smells Like Weed
24Throw Dave From The Train
25Winter, Oh How You Make Me....
26Boring/Home Sick
27I Hate Dayturn

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Boring/Home Sick
February 26, 2011


Waiting for my coffee to finish up, so i can down it and get this day started.

The snow is done falling and the sun is out this morning. I peeked out the door to see how bad the driveway is, Noah shoveled a little part of where the plow truck went through and plowed us IN yesterday, i really dont feel like playing in the snow today. Plus this house needs a good cleaning. Dishes. I hate feeling like this. I slept all night but I dreamed all night too so now i feel so unrested because of it, i hate that i remember what i dreamed about because it always sticks with me through the next day, and i really dont feel like thinking my last dream all day.

Dave is sick as a dog. I think he's got a bad case of bronchitis. He doesn't have anymore sick days available until April, so if he would of called off today he wouldn't of gotten paid, and his paycheck would of been a crappy 29 hours because he's scheduled 8a-6pm today which would take him up to his 40 hours. I feel bad for him because i can tell he's in bad shape. He came home last night, ate, and passed out till i got him up at 630 this morning. Thank goodness he's off tomorrow, he can just relax and chill the entire day. I think he isn't going to get Wyatt tonight, I hope he doesn't because i have to work daylight tomorrow and i know he doesnt have the strength to chase the little man.

I do need to stop by his work and give him some money to buy the washer. His work discount is helping us get a washer for $300. I also need to run into big lots and look at some couches because i cant take this sectional anymore!!!!

alright, enough boring talk, i need to get my ass in motion.


I drank so much coffee this morning to get my butt moving that now im hands are literally shaking from all the caffeine.

Dave came home about 1130, crawled into bed, and thats where he is now. I woke him up about a half hour ago and gave him a big handful of meds. I'm going to run into town and see what i can find to make him a little more comfy. His paycheck will be shitty next week, i guess that will make up for the pretty good one he got yesterday, its always that way at his work, more weeks he gets fucked outta his stop pays and then a week will come where he'll get too many, he got 24 on his pay yesterday, which is unheard of... 24 x $4 is a extra $100 on top of his 40 hours, and i got the feeling that since he came home early today that he will be screwed on his stop pays again since he's not there to sign off on his pay (they do payroll on saturdays)

alright im off to go shopping with Dee...


I swear this is my last post of the day! lol

Dee and I went shopping. We found some really sweet deals at JCPenneys, she got a cute outfit and i got 2 cute tops for $48. We had lunch and came home. Dave finally crawled outta bed around 7pm. We went and got dinner and walked around walmart for a bit, now we are home. Still cant believe i have to work dayturn in the morning. Ick. I really should call it a night and go to bed..

Right after i get the can of Lysol and disinfect my entire bed!
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