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Confessions of a Neurotic Single Mom by Homemade
August 2011
7Same Day... Yeah, You Know The Drill
9Dripping With Disgust and Distain
10Marching Band, Dicks.
15Weekend Recap
18I Know Where I'm Going
19Moving On
20Just Call Me Grandma
2222 August 2011
24Midnight Sucks.
27Drop Loss
28Constant Guilt/Going Back
29First Day of School/Sophie and Wyatt (pictures)

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Dripping With Disgust and Distain
August 9, 2011


RANT. sorry.

I am just so full of rage today. I want to physically hurt someone. I want to punch Dave in the face (and for ONCE, he isnt DOING anything to be on the recieving end of my rage) I want to throw all my kids out the door and LOCK it. I don't want to go to work, I'm just sick of living like I'm stuck in neutral, last night I just felt the need to get the hell out of here, my skin was crawling, I didn't go to bed until around 3am.

Dave keeps going on and on about shit thats been going on at work, he's called racial names everyday, the butt of every mexican joke that goes through the doors of that place. His GM refuses to do anything about it, he calls Dave "petty" for saying anything about it. So I get stuck listening to him rant and rave about it. I had him email a few discrimination attorneys to see if he has a case against the employer. He's not a mexican, a wet back, a cockroach.. etc. He's caucasian, he has black hair and brown eyes because he's almost full blooded Italian. When they insult him, they are insulting my children. I take it very personally. The fucktard doing this to Dave is also a friend on his facebook, I want so badly to email him and give him a peice of my mind, but I wont. NOT until Dave hears back from the attorney.

*sigh* Dee and I are still dealing with lice. I'm so fucking pissed I'm beyond words right now. I had it all taken care of before Sophie came down.. My neice drove me nuts to stay, so i let her stay that weekend, and I found out 2 weeks later she had lice. I want to so badly to kill my sister. So, Dee and I are on our second treatment this week, my step mom called me yesterday and said that my sister completely shaved my neices hair off. FUCKING peice of shit. I had to call and tell Sophie, she was very upset, I completely understand. She did call back and said she was checked and she was ok. But still... this is BULLSHIT. I've had enough of the situation. I called and talked to my Dad and told him he better thank his lucky stars that I don't drive down there and when that bitch answers the door, plow her face against the wall. All he could say was 'I know, I know.' Fucking peice of trash.

I have to work tonight. I need to shower so i can get my hair treated, plus I have to go get groceries too. I'm just sick, sick of it all.

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