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Confessions of a Neurotic Single Mom by Homemade
August 2011
7Same Day... Yeah, You Know The Drill
9Dripping With Disgust and Distain
10Marching Band, Dicks.
15Weekend Recap
18I Know Where I'm Going
19Moving On
20Just Call Me Grandma
2222 August 2011
24Midnight Sucks.
27Drop Loss
28Constant Guilt/Going Back
29First Day of School/Sophie and Wyatt (pictures)

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Just Call Me Grandma
August 20, 2011


Dave and I had a conversation last night about Sophie and when she has the baby, He said that he does infact want to be "at" the hospital when she's delivering, and I told him that I was going to ask her if she wanted me to be there in the room (he declined that lol)when she does have the baby, whom she's named Brycin. I had planned on texting her today to let her know that we were going to send out some money next week for her to use toward planning her baby shower.

So, I was up today by 2pm, and I had my coffee, the kids MT came, worked with the boys and left, I was in the process of making Jake something to eat, so as i standing, waiting for the microwave to shut off, I pick up my phone to text Sophie to tell her about the money, and before I finish the text... she texts me..

Sophie: Do you want to be in the delivery room when i have him?

Me: YES!!

Sophie: Okay, You better be haha

Me: I wouldn't miss it for the world

Sophie: Awww Smile

Me: Your Dad said last night he wants to be there at the hospital when Ur in labor

Sophie: I don't want him in the room though, Until im covered up ha

Me: Lol I understand and I don't think he wants to see, lol he would faint.

Sophie: Good, but im gonna have you and bethanys mom ha

Me: We already told our work we will be calling off when you go into labor

Sophie: haha okay Razz

Me: Smile U are our flesh and blood and regarless that I didn't have you your still my family I can't wait to see him prolly will be a blubbering mess lol

Sophie: haha ready to be called grandma? haha

Me: Heck Yeah. lol I love me some babies Smile

Sophie: Well everyones gonna wanna hold him Smile

Me: Just let them all know I'm LARGE and pushy LOL

Sophie: ahhahahahahahahahaha

I was so choked up that she asked me to be there. I had tears in my eyes, I couldn't believe it. I texted Dave and told him and he was in shock too. I had planned on asking her but I had no idea that she would ask me first. I told her about the money, and that we would be down for her baby shower. I asked her if she was sure that maybe she might want her mom there instead of me, and she said no really, that she probably wont make it down anyways. She wanted to know how long we could stay after he's born and I told her we'd play it by ear. So, yes, I'm excited that I get to be there when "our" first grand baby is born. I know that I will be crying and sobbing, and I will warn Sophie ahead of time. lol Her baby shower is September 10th, and She's due September 26th, and I had planned on getting her a crib and a few things, so i have to budget our next 2 pay checks for that and gas because she lives 3 freaking hours away from here, I'm not looking foward to the drive when she's in labor, I will be a wreck.

So, yeah. That's whats going on today. I have to hop in the shower in a bit, get ready for work. I'm ill I just have to keep saying.. its money, its money... its money.
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