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Confessions of a Neurotic Single Mom by Homemade
September 2011
2Some Beach, Somewhere
4I Wanna Go Back
5My Insecurities, Her Insecurities
9Happy To Be Here
13Doesn't Add Up
14Job Frustrations
16Turkey's Go Gobble
17On Call
20Mandatory, Pfft.
21He's In There
25My Grandson

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My Insecurities, Her Insecurities
September 5, 2011


Happy Labor Day Everyone.

I'm at work.

I'm praying that its a quiet night and I get no calls. I'm tired. I didn't get to bed till after 1am last night, I was watching 9/11 stuff on tv. Dave demanded I get up a little before 10am, There was "no" food in the house, and he wanted me to go get groceries. I was pissed. He knew I had to work tonight, but Nooooooooo, I had to get my ass up. So, I yelled and carried on like a idiot until he apologized. There's food in the house, just NOTHING any of them want to take time to cook. AND I reminded him of all the SHIT in the freezer that he said he would eat, and hasn't, all things HE put in the buggie while we were shopping. So, yanno..I love being up all day and then coming to work. Shaking head

We did manage to go get groceries. $220 worth. I doubt that will last the next 2 weeks. These kids have been eating like animals lately, and I will NOT deny them food. We did go to KMart and looked at cribs, I found the one we are going to buy, so Dave is going to pick it up on Wednesday, since it wouldn't fit in the van with the kids and all the groceries. Her baby shower is on Saturday. Her wonderful mother posted on facebook tonight that she will be here. Ick. Not looking foward to socializing with her. Thankfully Wyatt is going and he hopefully will keep me occupied. I respectfully asked Soph not to say anything to anyone about Wyatt, just to let them think he's mine, I told her I didn't feel like explaining to everyone that Dave is a cheating dog. She made a good point, Wyatt calls me Mommy anyways, so no one should be any wiser.

I took Dee tonight and finished up getting all her school supplies, we sat at the table tonight and got her binders all "cute-fied". Plus she's having problems getting to her locker and on to the next class without being late, so helped her with a few suggestions that should help. I don't want her to sink up there like I. I helped her with her homework tonight, and as smart as she is, she's having problems. I suggested that since her BFF is a honor roll student (and will be moving next door to us this month) that they start planning some study dates and her BFF can help her study and do homework. I could kick myself because its my fault that her confidence is in the toilet. She's a carbon copy of me mentally and its all my fault. I NEVER thought that she picked up any of my insecurities, my inability to deal with people.. and she has. Makes me so sad. Bleh.

Well, let me end this and go do some work.
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