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Confessions of a Neurotic Single Mom by Homemade
September 2011
2Some Beach, Somewhere
4I Wanna Go Back
5My Insecurities, Her Insecurities
9Happy To Be Here
13Doesn't Add Up
14Job Frustrations
16Turkey's Go Gobble
17On Call
20Mandatory, Pfft.
21He's In There
25My Grandson

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Job Frustrations
September 14, 2011



That hospital is full of nothing but a bunch of assholes. Every single one of them.

Manditory meeting tuesday afternoon, EVERYONE has to be there because the head of HR and the head of OUR department is going to be there and the gossip from the FAT FUCKING PEICE OF SHIT team leader we have is that we all are going to be told to stop the nit picking. Really? Really?? What if i stood up and tell HR and big boss man that the problem is the team leader? That he tells everyone's business to everyone, which is causing the nit picking, and out of all the people he's talking too, only ONE of them said that he would stand up and say that the team leader is the problem. The problem is completely middle school bullshit. Its NON-STOP. I was so pissed off last night that I just couldn't think straight, I felt like I was going to have a panic attack because I just wanted to kill someone.

To top it off we had a extremely busy night. Moving people around because they called 2 codes on the same patient and labor and delivery were BOOMING. We were off our stations for 2 hours tonight. 2 HOURS away from doing our jobs, we are the ONLY shift that is pulled away to other parts of the hospital to clean and we get NO HELP and when we complain about ANYTHING, the team leader take a white glove and goes over both the midnight areas, writes up a 3 page list of things that NEED done and tells everyone that we have no right to complain about ANYTHING because our area's are a mess, to me, thats retaliation, which, according to hospital policy, is a NO NO. No one stops to concider the BULLSHIT that we (because there is only 2 people working midnight in our department) deal with on a daily basis, like being pulled away time after time after during the night, and 60% of the time it starts the minute we clock i said before tonight it was over 2 hours off our stations, and the fact that we are the only shift that has to take our garbage out, sort it and get rid of it OUTSIDE, every night. We are busy with calls EVERY NIGHT, and they expect us to do detail cleaning.

BLAH BLAH BLAH IM tired of the crap, We don't get paid enough for this aggravation. We are housekeepers for GOD SAKE.

Then, we finally get our first break around 130am, and one of the lab guys comes into our break room to get something and at the same time they call the code again on the same patient and he says that they are probably only calling the code because the doctor thats on call is no where to be found and when we were on the floor after they called the first code on the patient the aide told us that if it wasn't for HER the patient would of died then and there because no one was around to check on her. Nice.

Just frustrated, because nothing every changes, the same shit floats around and NEVER goes away.

Thank god I'm off tonight.

Wyatt will be here in a little bit, I have to baby sit today. I can't wait to take a nap.
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