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Confessions of a Neurotic Single Mom by Homemade
November 2013
3Kill Me, Somebody
7Poor guy
11That Felt Good
12No Cooking
144 Year Olds
15Wy Decore
16I HIT IT. F$%K!!
18Monday, Again.
19On Our Own
20Dirty Nasty
22No Tolerance
30Happy Saturday

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November 5, 2013



I'm so tired of being cold. This is one of the drawbacks (at least for me) that I hate about the weight loss surgery. 24/7 I'm cold. Head to toe. Last night when I crawled in bed, I had the furnace up as high as the kids could stand, which was around 75. I had on my jammies, socks, and I had Dee throw another blanket over me, besides my sheets and comforter. When I'm at work, I HAVE to have my sweater on while I'm working.. Here's Me shivering, and the other 3 have sweat dripping. I cant remember the last time I actually sweat. I don't know if its because of my blood pressure being so low. I never did get my blood work done concerning the dizziness I was having. Which I still have, but its NOT as bad as it was. I know I need to stop complaining and do something about it. The surgeons office called me a few weeks back, and I never called them back. I know its because I missed my last appointment with them in July. I'm still losing weight, the scale said 193 this morning when I jumped on. I'm eating the right things, for the most part, my stomach rarely gives me any trouble, I know what I can eat and what I cant. I've been eating a ton of salad lately, with a drizzling of olive oil over top. I wanted to do the gym thing, but its $40 a month, and right now, I cant afford that with Christmas coming. I'm hoping that in January I'll be able to start! I'm looking forward to buying some NEW CLOTHES in Febuary, so hopefully the holidays will be friendly to my waistline and I get these last pounds off!!!

I got my iphone5 last night. With our upgrades it only costed $60 for Dave and I to get one. I love it. I'm afraid to take it to work without a case though. I bought 2 cases online this morning from ebay, they should come by Saturday. Dee got my iphone, we just swapped them, her's was black, so now she has a white one. She doesn't get her phone back until sunday though. We tried hard to see if we could use one of our iphones for Noah, who's phone is through boost mobile, but of course, no. So I did some surfing and found virgin mobile, which, like boost, is ran on sprint network, and I can buy a iphone4 online for virgin mobile for $199. The unlimited plan is the same amount of money we are paying through boost, so its a win-win situation. I'm excited, I just hope and pray Noah doesn't fuck it up like he did his ipod, because THIS TIME I will kill him!!! Its going to end up as a Christmas gift so I cannot wait to see the look on his face!

Last night, at work, while I was cleaning one of the courtrooms, I found a completely outfit in one of the trash cans. So I started pulling the clothes out and at the bottom of the can was 2 bottles of KY lube!! Who the FUCK brings lube to court?? We all had a good laugh over it. Not looking forward to today, its Call of The List, or what we affectionately call CALL OF THE WILD.. because of the idiots and morons you see in the place, plus they trash the 2 courtrooms that are used for it. It will be a 1030 night for me.

Alright, I'm out, I'm going to go huddle under a blanket for a while!

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