Today is July 16, 2019
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Confessions of a Neurotic Single Mom by Homemade
November 2013
3Kill Me, Somebody
7Poor guy
11That Felt Good
12No Cooking
144 Year Olds
15Wy Decore
16I HIT IT. F$%K!!
18Monday, Again.
19On Our Own
20Dirty Nasty
22No Tolerance
30Happy Saturday

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No Tolerance
November 22, 2013


Thanking god today Is Friday. I'm worn out. Cranky. My hands are on fire from being so dried out and cracked. Just doing the dishes this morning has them burning, my knuckles.. ouuuchhhie. Sad I need to get myself some lotion for them.

The trial finished up last night. We stood on the 3rd floor, looking down, watched both families file into the courtroom. A few minutes later, we see the judge come out of his chambers.. He see's us standing there, cracks this big smile and motions for us to come down to the courtroom.. and E says nahh.. then the judge laughs and says "then don't jump" (because we are a floor up) T says "don't worry!" lol He turns around and goes back in. A few minutes later, we see the defendants family comes racing out of the courtroom, get on the elevator and leave. E runs down to find out the verdict.. Guilty on all charges. Good. I feel so bad for both the families. I'm just glad its over, the tension in the courthouse the past couple of days has been horrible.. and just seeing both families there, waiting, is enough to break anyone's heart.

Noah and Dee are home from school today. Dee's being bullied by a guy. Grrrr. Saying mean shit to her. I tried talking to his Mom about it, but it just made things worse, so I called the school this morning and talked to the principle. This kid that's doing it to Dee was just recently bullied himself, I GUESS they held this kid down in the locker room, and someone stuck their penis in his mouth.. Shaking head So, he's taken it upon himself to start bullying Dee. The principle said he'd talk to him, and tell him if he continues the bullying, he wont be allowed to play any sports.. and Dee has to fill out a incident report Monday. Now, I read online that a local newspaper is doing a story on our high school, about how they aren't following their No tolerance policy for Bullying.. So we'll see, if it doesn't get any better.. Dave and I will both go up, and they WILL NOT BE HAPPY about it.

The weather channel is saying we are going to get slammed with snow this weekend. Sad And possible a ton of snow the night before Thanksgiving. I hope it doesn't happen, I don't want to cook, I want to drive to Pittsburgh so we can enjoy it with Dave's family. Tomorrow is the light up parade in town, and we always go, its going to be so fricking cold too. Sad I'm going to drive down early tomorrow and place our chairs along the parade route (everyone does this) so we can get a good spot, so we aren't standing the entire time. They are saying its going to be a LONG one this year.

I got laundry to do, I need to cut Wyatt's hair, and throw him into the tub, finish the scarf Im making him so he has it for the parade and then get myself ready for work.

Happy Friday everyone.

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