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Confessions of a Neurotic Single Mom by Homemade
June 2014
3Fucking bastard.
4Sweet 16
82 Words, Luke Bryan
13I'm Nemo's Dad
14Kindle Time, Maybe
17Father's Day
24Goooooooood!/Oh No.
26Enough Already
28Locked OUT

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Fucking bastard.
June 3, 2014

I know it's June 4th but I didn't. Want to write this crap on a beautiful day that is dees birthday.. And I'm in my phone, laying in bed. I cannot sleep.. I'm stressed out.

Tyler broke up with her. She's devastated. Crying. Sobbing until she's throwing up.

I'm being blamed for it all. It's okay I've got big shoulders.

I found out this morning and I texted his mom saying tomorrow and Friday was off.. They had plans.. And that if dee continued to bother Tyler I'll block her from texting him and he'd get his ring back.

Her, being the polite catholic whore she is starts the name calling.. Calling me a bitch.. That she's hurting too..

I fired back that since she's NOT the one dealing with a sobbing child with a broke heart that it's too bad and she could just DEAL WITH IT.

Now I'm a fucking bitch and it's all my fault they broke up and I could stick that in my fucking ass.

I laughed at her.. Said OKAY, THAnk you.

She texted Dave saying I was a fucking cunt. Nice. But I'm sorry it doesn't hurt my feelings.

Isn't it funny how it's always the church going douchebags that start the name calling first???

It all started Wednesday ... Tyler and his mom get into a fight.. He head bunts her so hard they crack teeth then he grabs her and is screaming at her.. She has to scratch him on his face and neck to get him off her., she texts me all this shit, then says he's not allowed to see dee.. She's taking his phone xbox and he's grounded for a week.

Friday night she texts me saying she forgave him snd he can come over.. So we go get him. He's cool. Saturday morning he gets up with a chip on his shoulder, telling everyone FUCK U BITCH.. Punching and poking dee in the ribs to the point she's yelling out in pain telling him to stop. A little later I hear him scream at her.. GET THE FUCK AWAY FROM ME DEE.. I'd has enough.. Told him his ass was going home. Oh now he's pissed refuses to speak to dee.. She runs out if the house after him and he tells her to get the fuck away from him. Fucking bastard.

Saturday evening he's texting me BEGGING for her to come over. Nope. Sorry. You had your chance. He's pissed. Whatever asshole. I don't care. So apparently Monday he told he's done.. He can't take no more.. Then u have his mom texting dee mind fucking her into believing it's my fault they broke up.

Then she tells me today what's going on. Fuck Tyler. Fucking spoiled ass bastard. After all the shit he's said to dee and his keyboard gangsta mom said to me.. We will see if he gets back in his house agsin., I blocked him from texting dee after he and his entire family unfriended her on FB.. Instagram., everything. Nice family hu??'

Nursing a broken heart is not how I wanted her to spend her 16th birthday.
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