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Confessions of a Neurotic Single Mom by Homemade
June 2014
3Fucking bastard.
4Sweet 16
82 Words, Luke Bryan
13I'm Nemo's Dad
14Kindle Time, Maybe
17Father's Day
24Goooooooood!/Oh No.
26Enough Already
28Locked OUT

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Goooooooood!/Oh No.
June 24, 2014


Wow. I can't believe its been a week since I've been here to write. Time always seems to fly by so fast these days.

Saturday, thankfully, and never without drama *ugh* We made it down to the Luke Bryan concert in Pittsburgh. I'm sure ya'll heard about the mess the drunken morons left there in the parking lots and along the River. smh. We parked at Dave's Dad's Bar on the North Side and walked over. Dispite all the drunks we had a FANTASTIC time. The concert was mind blowing. It started at 6pm, Cole Swindle came out, Then Lee Brice, who I like, but man, he was either drunk or too excited to be there because he screamed sooo much! lol Dierks Bentley came out, oh my lord, His show was awesome, he sounded so good. I was a fan before of his but now I'm a even bigger fan. Then my honeypie Luke came out, and his show..unbelieveable. Again, he sounded so damn good live, and he brought out each of the guys individually, Cole, Lee, and Dierks to sing with him through out the show. That entire stadium hummed the entire time he performed. Luke had said that We were the biggest crowd EVER there for a country concert, 53,000+ people. We basically got 5 and half hours of music for $40 each. Awesome. I'm glad we were able to go. We saw Luke Bryan a few years ago before he got big and he was good then. He really is worth the money to go see him. We definitely will go again if tickets come up again and we have the money.

We did stop at Dave's Dad's bar before heading over to the stadium, and it was just awkward being there, I don't know if it was because of me being there or not, by the way they were acting, Dave's been talking shit about me because the 20 minutes we were there were painfully awkward. We made it home around 2am, and I crawled in bed and that was it till 11am the next morning. Dave wakes us up, with a damn cat under his shirt. smh. We had talked about getting another one, but the plan wasn't definite, so he took it in his hands to do it. He brought home this fluffy orange tabby. It was suppose to be a girl, but its not, its a boy. So his name is Dick Harper.. Harper for short. lol He seems like a sweet little cat, and Cleo is warming up to him, I can hear them thumping around in the front room. I've already promised the kids certain death if he gets out this time.

Today is the day I take Dee to take her learners permit test. I'm so nervous for her. God. I can't believe its time for her to be doing it. Noah is pissed because he hasn't done his yet. But, honestly, he's NOT ready to drive. I'm scared shitless to see him sitting behind the wheel of any car. Dee, I think will do okay, she's like me, show her once and she's got it. I told her she can drive her Dad's car, just not the van right away. The car is a lot smaller and easier to handle then that big ole honkin' van, and besides, I don't want her driving my van! lol

So, if ya'll are reading this.. send Dee some good prayers that she will pass her exam today!!!


She failed. Sad

She is absolutely devastated. She came out to the waiting room where Wyatt and I were waiting, shook her head no, and ran out the front door. She was sobbing. Ashamed, embarrassed, could barely talk. Sad She cried the entire way home, went to her room, slammed the door, crawled in bed. I feel so bad. Your allowed to miss 3, and apparently she missed the 4th one on the last question.. and it was about something I begged her to study on.. Teen Drinking. When I took my test 3 years ago they gave me a few on it. Apparently she can go back Thursday if she wants and try again, but she's made up her mind that she's done, never going back.

Now I have to deal with her the rest of the day.. Sad Pray for ME, will ya?

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