Today is September 19, 2018
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Confessions of a Neurotic Single Mom by Homemade
March 2016
3Bye Felicia (Take a HINT)
7Kenny Chesney Song In My Head...
8Going South!! :)
10Meh.. situations
11Just More Stuff
13Attitude Free Zone
17Praying For Good News
29Early Morning Ramble

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Going South!! :)
March 8, 2016


I'm up. Working on my first cup of coffee. Meh. Didn't get to bed until after 130am. My right side is distended and it hurts, I don't know if I'm constipated, backed up, or what. But its so uncomfortable. Meh. I had to take Dee to school, Dave no longer can.. his fucking work.. they are being fuckers about what time he's getting into the stores.. so he must start at 7am EVERYDAY. Meh.

Yesterday afternoon, I went up to the car wash and cleaned out my car, and washed it and while I was there, Mom called, she said that Paul wanted to know if I'll take $1500 for the van, as it sets. Considering Noah was gonna drop $500 on this week to get it fixed, I said heck yeah.. Came home, and talked to Noah about what to do with the money, and even mentioned going to Florida.. He was cool with it..

So, I got online, with Dave sitting beside me.. and looked at rooms in Daytona.. because, we cant afford to go to the Keys.. and we found a nice, clean, hotel in Ormond Beach, which is a few miles from Daytona, for $59 a night.. so I talked to Sophie real quick.. shes in.. so I booked 2 rooms..4 nights.. $600. That's $200 from me, her and Noah, because Dave has absolutely NO MONEY. I told him he has to pay for his own gas, which, shouldn't be that much, He gets awesome miles on his Prius, he should only have to fill up twice on the way down, which should cost him $40 tops.

Soph knows b isn't coming. She's gonna get his pap to watch him. We are heading out April 3rd, wont be back to that following weekend. Dave called me this morning, FLIPPING OUT because he asked Wyatt's Mom if Wyatt could go, and she said no. I told him to let it go, ask her again in a few days, Wyatt will be devastated if he finds out we are going and he isn't allowed to go. I'm just gonna keep praying she will change her mind about it.

Everyone is excited about it. Me and the girls are all on a DIET! lol I gotta lose 15 pounds between now and then. I cant fit into anything anymore, I've put weight on in my belly area, and I can really tell because my HIPS hurt all the time now.. so I'm gonna work on that over the next 25 days..

I told Noah we will look for a car for him, we aren't gonna spend the entire $1500, because I have some money, he does and so does Soph. We will go down on a shoe string and come back on a shoe string. We always do.

The weather here this week is fantastic.. yesterday was mild.. today its already beautiful, 51 degree.. its suppose to get to 70. Finally, I think *fingers crossed* the snow is behind us.. well, at least for the next 15 days.

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