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Confessions of a Neurotic Single Mom by Homemade
March 2016
3Bye Felicia (Take a HINT)
7Kenny Chesney Song In My Head...
8Going South!! :)
10Meh.. situations
11Just More Stuff
13Attitude Free Zone
17Praying For Good News
29Early Morning Ramble

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March 23, 2016


It really is funny how fast time gets away from you, you blink and a week has already passed by. I still cant believe winter is over and spring is here, and how we will be leaving for Daytona in 10 days.

So, as for my Mom, she is fine. Her appointment last Thursday went okay. She thought she was done with chemo, and he said that whoever did her chart miscounted, and she had ONE MORE LEFT, he was pissed about it. Said he was going to have a chat with the ladies. Then he told Mom that she didn't have to do the last one if she didn't want too, she was at 92% with the chemo, and if she felt that she couldn't do another, because of the tiredness, if the neuropathy she was dealing with in her fingers and toes was too much, she didn't have to do it. Mom, being Mom, said she would. Paul was pissed. He just wants things over with.

She asked the doctor if she was Cancer free, and he explained to her, that, back in June, when she had surgery, they took the cancer OUT then, and that she only had one node that came back positive.. which, I distinctly remember the surgeon's lackie (as my mom called her) saying she had 3 that came back positive. But, he said she only had one and that is why they did the chemo, which, she needed 12 rounds of it, and although he wasn't 100% sure, he said the chemo should of taken care of it.

He did say that she has a spot on her lung. They will be keeping a eye on that, he said its most likey from her years and years of smoking. I'm praying that's all it is, he didn't seem to worried about it being cancer. He said the good/bad news he had for her was she had to do Chemo one more time. Of course, she still has to go back for regular blood work, and scans, but other than that, she's good. She does have to have her gall bladder out over the next year, he said that it was FULL of stones, and she's going to be looking at hip surgery too because, her one hip is in really bad shape, she limps really bad because of it. She does look like absolute shit. She's 60 years old and she looks like she's 80. She needs to put on around 30 pounds to look like herself again. Her hair is stringy, her the wrinkles on her face are just horrible. You can tell she's been through the wringer since June. The Chemo has really did a number on her body. I just pray that nothing happens to her now, after having to go through all that shit.

I started my sunday job at the motel on sunday. What can I really say about it.. its a job.. it really isn't anything more that what I've dealt with before. I'm still looking for another part time job during the mornings..

Other than that, everyone is just plugging along.. things seem to be okay.. Just looking forward to heading to Daytona, praying the weather is beautiful there so I can literally sit on the beach for a entire week.
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