Today is August 18, 2018
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Karyn by Karynme
August 2018

April 2017

by Karynme

The latest entry is April 30, 2017

My thoughts and feelings about my day-to-day life

April 29, 2017
I just started this program, and am curious to see if it works. I guess my days of trusting unknown,potentiallly virtual, people days are past. Sorry Frank (If you are an actual living being!) I don't expect complete privacy, so will keep this civilized, even clean. Not that I am ever not(yeah buddy), but. i am sillier than many realize. I am serious from tiime to time, and it always surprises me whif i read it later.
I am a child of God, and in my writing you will see that. I am also a writer/poet, so lapse into creative writing sometimes in my journaling. It stems from what i am writing in my documentation. My mother (hi Mama) will be the main one i am wanting to see this, maybe the only one who will read it. I writ what i. Write for myself, but believe sharing it will uplift, even reassure others. Just saw this is only an intro, so hi, welcome to my world!
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