Today is December 18, 2018
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North of 43.540′N, 79.525′W by Liquidesque
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North of 43.540′N, 79.525′W
by Liquidesque

The latest entry is March 5, 2017

As big as forever, as small as alone. I rescue red zone dogs, I've got a killer rack, absence seizures, and memory loss. I've an Eternity of Echoes, and this time I'm going in blind. Journaling has saved my life and sanity.

Randomosity ensues each day while I am reminded that the world doesn't revolve around me or my single again status. I can be selfish, compassionate, strong, fragile, a laugh a minute, and as mean as a pit viper. Life is about enjoying and learning from it all.

I'm an open book and a treasure trove of secrets. I listen closely even when no one seems to realize it. I judge myself harsher than anyone else because above all else 'To thine own self be true' is something I believe in. I've got curves for days and a head of hair that doesn't ever seem to cooperate with what I want it to do.

Insightful wench or Inciteful wench. It all depends how you view me now doesn't it? Born with a double dose of Original Sin and tongue that could clip a hedge I tend to offend. Some day's I'm rather witty, other day's the best wisdom I can offer you is...Tree bad, Fire pretty!
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The views expressed here do not necessarily reflect the opinions, beliefs, wishes or even approvals of my friends, or family.
Mother had kittens the last time she ready something I wrote. Think for yourself, read, enjoy, go home, smile.
BTW, the kittens are really cute and I hold copyright over all spelling errors.

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