Today is December 16, 2018
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Opensource2 SCRIBE. by Amanda22Jane
December 2018

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Opensource2 SCRIBE.
by Amanda22Jane

The latest entry is December 9, 2018

Sighting the scope of experience, strength and hope. Art directives.

Opensource2 is a collection of ideas and information based on the author's personal experience of recovery using art.


I'm still wading, crawling, walking and sprinting through this world of creativity.


Art is work. Work can be an artform.
I prefer to err on the side of agreeing with both statements.


Art above all else is a joy to create.


Feel welcome to contact me @ :

I would ♥ to hear from you.


I abhor literary theft, and intellectual property theft of any description. Please do not steal my work. Just because this is a copyright website doesn't mean a thing to some characters who visit MJ.
Remember karma knows your ass.

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