Today is August 16, 2018
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Paul's 'private' journal... by pramgoat
August 2018

September 2016
February 2011

Paul's 'private' journal...
by pramgoat

The latest entry is September 7, 2016

I don't really know why I went and created this online journal; but, indeed, I did. Maybe, there is an element of my personality that wants to be 'public'; though, in reality, I'm truly very shy; and, also, extremely 'private'.

Paul. LONDON/UK. Middle aged male, single, no kids. Asperger's syndrome, ADD-Attention Deficit Disorder
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The only person who can 'fix' your life is, in fact, yourself. Happiness comes mostly from 'inside' ourselves/as opposed to us finding it on the 'outside'.

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