Today is December 10, 2018
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Some call my journal ... Tim? by SmokinJoe
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Some call my journal ... Tim?
by SmokinJoe

The latest entry is February 6, 2014

A journal and forum about Sexuality ... nothing more, nothing less. Here is your safe, anonymous place to question, to share, and to be a creature of passion.

This journal and forum are devoted to sex. Why? Because it is probably the single biggest cause of neurosis in Life today, and I'm tired of seeing people made miserable over an activity that should be happy and stress-relieving. So, I share experiences, fantasies, thoughts, and questions in the hope that something will touch you, O Readers, and motivate you to respond, to question, to feel something beyond what you normally would admit to. Here, you are as anonymous as you choose to be, so don't hesitate! Share, ask, feel, cum ... there is no fear to be found here, unless you bring it with you.
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